Happy New Year! How to replace & re-style your Christmas decorations

Happy new year to all! Christmas is well and truly over, I don’t know about you but we can definitely feel all that festive food we have eaten here at Liv’s HQ!! As the 12th day of Christmas is fast approaching, most of us will be taking our Christmas trees and festive decorations down and packing them away for another year. But don’t fret! We have bought together some of our favourite ways to re-style your home in January and chase away those winter blues. Don’t be scared of those gaps left by your festive decor, embrace them and get creative! Take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Keep it green! – Replace your Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths with other greens

As you lose all that beautiful greenery that has filled your home over the festive period, it can feel like you have quite a hole within your spaces. Especially when the Christmas tree is banished for another year, you can have an especially empty looking corner! Before rushing to push your sofa back, why not try filling your Christmas tree gap with some new, non festive green for the new year? Large potted plants like banana plants or areca palms add some lush leafiness to your interior and keep your connection with nature indoors, they help to filter the air in your home too! We love this picture of Abigail Ahern’s living room below, complete with a lovely banana plant in the corner!

Don’t forget that wreaths and garlands aren’t just for Christmas! Styling a garland with non festive sprigs like eucalyptus and the addition of some simple geometric decorations can mean that you can keep a garland or a wreath all year round. Get creative and adjust it for the seasons.

Take a look at this blog from apartment therapy for some large plants that are great to grow indoors!

Embrace the light! – Keep the fairy lights and candles

Chase away those post Christmas blues with the warmth of candle light and some fairy light sparkles! Over the festive period we seem to have twinkling lights covering almost everything so why shouldn’t we embrace this cosy, ‘hyggelig’ vibe for the rest of the winter months as well? Before packing them away for the year why not drape your fairy lights over a statement mirror on the mantelpiece or wind some delicate string up the staircase for a happy glow that will make your home shine long after Christmas has ended.

If you have had a candle or two as a gift for Christmas, you are one lucky person! Even if you didn’t, make sure to invest in a few good quality candles for your home over the winter period. There is nothing that creates a better cosy atmosphere for those dark evenings than the warmth of candlelight. Fill your favourite candle tray with a collection of colourful pillar candles or create a collection of geometric glass candle holders that you can light on an evening for a cosy glow!

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Its all about those soft furnishings!

January can be time where its easy to feel a bit downtrodden and joyless. One way to chase this feeling from your home is to fully embrace creating a cosy heaven for you to come home and relax in! Bring a feeling of ‘hygge’ into your home with soft throws in deep luxurious colours and maybe even invest in a statement chair like this one above from Danish brand Cozy Living. In a range of sumptuous colours and made from super soft velvet, these chairs are sure to make you home feel extra cosy during the last of the winter months!

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For more ideas on how to create cosiness in your home take a look at this blog from Rock my Style on ‘How to Hygge’.

Christmas Table Inspiration

It has begun to feel extra festive in our Solihull store over the past couple of weeks! Busy Christmas weekends and chilly weather has got us searching for inspiration for Christmas table displays in store. We have gathered together some of our favourites festive table settings that will hopefully give you some fresh ideas for your own Christmas table!

Go Green!

As you probably know we all love a bit of green here at Liv’s! Some fresh or or even faux foliage instantly adds life to your home and looks great as part of a dressed table. We are used to having green in the home at Christmas in the form of trees, wreaths and in vases but if you are prepared to be inventive with your festive greenery, there are some fantastic original ways to bring nature indoors this Christmas season!

Use foliage instead of a table runner, layer up stems such as eucalyptus, native ferns and even some moss and tuck in extra sparkle or a few candles to make it extra special! If you want to go a bit more minimal with your green, placing some of your favourite stems in a clear glass bottle either on their own or with a candle is a great way to introduce some subtle foliage into your Christmas table.

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Don’t be afraid to use inky hues

If you aren’t afraid to be adventurous with your style, then this year’s trend of dark and moody tablescapes is perfect for the winter season. Matte black tableware, crushed velvet accessories and accents of gold in your cutlery and candle holders creates a very glam statement Christmas table.

Inky hues paired with a splash of gold instantly add a sense of luxury to your dining table and are sure to make your festive table feel extra special!  Whatever tones you go for, make sure to introduce texture to your table material palette; texture is important for adding depth and contrast to your setting and helps to make even affordable items feel luxurious!

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Go glam with gold

Gold is the classic colour for the festive season and it’s making a comeback! For a modern feel with your gold, instead of the classic pairing with red accessories, mix it up and sit your gold against green foliage and black ornaments.

For an extra glam Christmas table think about using black table settings paired with gold cutlery and gold accessories such as wine buckets, vases and candle holders. Gold also still has big impact when it is subtle, we just love these gold edged candle holders from Nkuku in the picture below!

If gold isn’t your thing, then why not try some other modern metallics such as bronze or pearlised colours like teal or navy blue.

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Hanging Decorations aren’t just for your tree

Whether your style is maximal or minimal, a great way to add big impact to your Christmas table is to introduce hanging decorations as a festive centrepiece. Handcrafted paper snowflakes, large glittering baubles and even seasonal branches adorned with twinkling lights are all great options.

For the maximalists out there, if there is any time to embrace your love of Christmas sparkle and glittering decorations, then the bleak midwinter is it! Hanging centrepieces allow you to free up space on your table for extra candle holders and serving platters to fully indulge in the Christmas season. For the minimalists, hanging centrepieces allow you to introduce a festive feeling while keeping your table surface free and clear of clutter! Whatever your personal style, this is a great festive style to consider for your Christmas table.

Indulge in winter wonderland

Embrace classic whites, greens and silver sparkle for a wonderful winter wonderland Christmas table. Paper snowflakes, fairy lights and sparkling tea light holders are a classic festive look that is sure to look good, whatever the setting.

This look is very versatile and can be easily adjusted to suit your personal taste. Get crafty with the kids and make paper snowflakes for a Nordic inspired winter wonderland table or introduce sparkle silver placemats for a more grown up, glam look.

Shop Liv’s Christmas here.

For more inspiration on festive decorations for your home this Christmas take a look at this great blog from Rock My Style – on ideas for DIY festive garland! There are some great ideas for those who want to get creative and craft their own seasonal decor.

All images via pinterest.

Autumn Vibes at Liv’s

Autumn at Liv’s – Behind the scenes

In our industry it seems that we go from summer straight into Christmas…

As our kids toddle off back to school, we race off to trade fairs to buy stuff we think our customers would like to receive or give for Christmas. Yup, it’s great fun!

The following week, all the Christmas decorations, we ordered in February, arrive. It’s like cardboard city at the back of the store. We then spend the rest of September in the stockroom unpacking, checking, pricing and getting the build of the shop ready for our Christmas launch. It’s a busy time, which calls for tea, biscuits, plenty of giggles and quality hand cream. Cardboard dries your hands like nobody’s business.

It’s very exciting to see all the goodies we ordered, months ago, again. There’s a lot of ooo-ing and aah-ing going on, interspersed with ‘I’m definitely buying that for myself’. The occasional ‘I can’t remember this decoration’ can be heard too – usually from me. I have the worst memory!

Our Christmas launch takes place first week of October. Although, the team and I may have the feeling of going straight from summer to Christmas, our customers don’t. So we aim to make the shop as autumnal as possible, by filling it with rugs, throws and autumnal coloured accessories. We light candles and decorate the windows with pumpkin tea light holders and apples (faux, of course). The latter are strewn on the window floor as if they just fell off a tree, amongst glittered leaves in coppers and golds.

So that’s our September behind the scenes. When nature changes colour and begin to calm everything down, we get ready for our busiest season with a biscuit filled waistline. Always best to be prepared!

Hello world!

Welcome to our brand new website and blog. Our aim is to inspire, encourage and share our love for interiors, home comforts and a balancedlifestyle. We’ll also give you a peek into the behind the scenes of an independent interiors shop and family business.

I’m going to start the first blogpost with what our hashtag #lovethewayyouliv stands for. It’s obviously a clever play on words with my name in it – I made it up myself ;-). However, the intention and hope was that it would sum up the ethos of Liv’s…

  • Do what you love, love what you do!
  • Style over fashion
  • Great style is achievable on any budget
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for
  • Surround yourself with stuff that makes your soul smile
  • Incorporate a little Hygge everyday; Hygge (verb) To feel warmth, cosiness, comfort, snug: A sense of wellbeing, belonging, contentment, togetherness, intimacy, happiness.
  • “Be present in all things, and thankful for all things”- Maya Angelou

We will soon be posting more about behind the scenes, keeping you up to date with all our new finds and making sure you don’t miss out on our upcoming events and competitions! So watch this space!