Low Key Outdoor Dinner Party

Now that Summer has officially arrived, read our 7 top tips to nailing a low key, stress free dinner party

Image: Fresh Exchange

Stress Free Entertaining

So summer is almost upon us (thank-you Sun Gods!) and with that brings the very British trait of organising an impromptu BBQ or al-fresco dinner party at the first flicker of sunshine. If you haven’t had the opportunity to have a quick whizz around the garden yet (because let’s face it – it has been soggy to say the least!) check out our Garden Gains blog for tips on how to tart up your garden quickly and easily ahead of outdoor entertaining. 
Once you have your outdoor space looking guest ready, here are some ideas to pimp your party . . .

Seven Steps to Nailing the Casual Summer Garden Gathering

There’s nothing like the magic of a chilled summer dinner party where all seems right with the world—the table looks amazing, everyone is relaxed, and the menu hits the spot, so follow these top tips to get you there . . .

1. Marketplace not Menu

Fresh Produce. Image: Mon Cherie Bridals

Rather than scouring Pinterest for complicated recipes, check out what’s looking great at the local market. Food is such a good way to connect to nature and the seasons, so if you can, go for seasonal organic produce packed full of flavour. When you begin with what’s at the market, the vegetables will naturally take a starring role in the menu, but do go ahead and source some good quality protein or meat from the butchers if budget allows.

2. Set a Simpler Table

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Taking a pared-down approach to table settings is chic yet puts everyone at ease. Here is how to keep it simple: 

a water glass and one medium-size wine glass at each setting (no need for multiple wine glasses—a midsize one can work for red or white)

a white or light plate—food always looks best on a pale backdrop

a napkin folded on the plate—choose a cotton one, as linen often requires ironing!!

a fork and a knife  – no need to get all fancy-schmancy with multiple knives and forks relating to individual courses, and don’t bother with a spoon –  when you serve dessert, you can bring the dessert spoons or forks in a mason jar.

Place Cards are a great idea so that  no one feels the pressure of figuring out where to sit – they don’t necessarily need to be works of art, torn pieces of craft paper with names written by hand look great on a rustic table.

Once set, take a look at the place setting and make sure that each guest can access everything they might need at arms length so they can help themselves to bread/water and wine.

3. Herbalicious

Potted Herbs Image: Max Burnett

Of course, flowers are lovely, but for casual gatherings, consider center pieces featuring the herbs you use to cook. Buy in bulk, and use them for center pieces, cooking, and cocktails. Make little arrangements – Basil and Mint are perfect in the summertime – they look fab, smell amazing and guests can literally eat them off the table! Plus these arrangements are low level enough not to get in the way of good conversation (and by choosing them over flowers, you can keep your party expenses down a bit).

4. Take Time to Chill

Image: Mad About Wine

For many, having people over and feeding them can be stressful – especially when you hit last-minute hurdles. But the key is to relax – everyone (you included) will have a much better time. If you seem stressed, your guests may get a message that ‘this is a burden.’. When you invite guests to your home, your job is to feed them,  and take care of them for a night. So even if you’re totally stressed out and the chicken is burnt, just welcome your guests at the door with a big smile on your face and a big cocktail in your hand ready to handover to them!

Better yet, avoid the stress in the first place. Make something you’ve already made before, so you don’t get too caught up in a recipe. Finish the main cooking before people arrive – let the food rest; and reheat or add finishing touches once guests have arrived. Know the things that are a stressor for you – if you need to give yourself time to shower and straighten your hair, to put together the right playlist, or to have a glass of wine before people come, do it. 

5. Everyone is the Bartender

Image: Pinterest Source Unknown

The DIY cocktail bar might be our favorite entertaining go-to. It saves the hosts from the messy multitasking of trying to make drinks, greet other guests, take coats, and allows guests have fun immediately. Everyone loves putting their own trademark on their cocktail. It brings out the kid in a pick ‘n’ mix situation in all of us—like, “I put a squeeze of lime in mine and lots of crushed ice!” It’s the perfect way to loosen up a party.

6. Ask for Help


Not only can a few extra hands help practically, but most guests love to make a small contribution to bringing the meal together. Once guests have a cocktail in hand, you could ask them to take on a task—fill bottles with water for the table, dress the salad (since that should always be done last!), light the candles, help carve meat, or bring plates to the table.

7. Give a Toast and enjoy!

Madonna Face Glasses at Liv’s

Once everyone’s seated and served, kick things off on a high note with a toast. It doesn’t need to be a Father-of-the-Bride-Wedding cringey speech – just a quick toast to your health to set the sentiment for the evening ahead. And make sure you clink everyone’s glass and look them in the eye . . .not that we are superstitious or anything!

Garden Gains – Fast

Quick hacks to prep your garden ready for summer entertaining

So….after many a sun salutation and a few false starts, the weatherman reckons that June is set to scorch in a mid-month heatwave! We all know how volatile the British weather can be, but just incase the forecasts are true, we wanted to share some inspo and ideas on how to prep your outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing this Summer.

Quite often, we don’t have time to dedicate a whole day to a thorough de-weeding and gardening sesh, and don’t even get us started on painting fences. It. Takes. So. Long.

So we have rounded up a few suggestions on how you can update your outdoor space quickly, because let’s face it, at the first glimmer of sunshine we are creating a WhatsApp group called “I’m Walking On Sunshine” and inviting our friends and family over for an impromptu BBQ, so we need to have a few tricks up our sleeves for a little garden whip around.


OK so the summer evenings are fairly light until about 10pm, but lighting is a great way to add a welcoming vibe and decorative flourish. We love stringing up some battery powered Festoon Lights across fences, sheds, playhouses or from one corner of the house to something else of height – like a tree – anything really!! These ones are in the sale at Festoon Lighting Shop right now – so head over to grab a bargain!

If you don’t have outdoor Festoon Lights and you are in a rush – get up those ladders into the loft and grab your Christmas lights – fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas! (A lot of Christmas tree lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use)


If you do happen to have an outdoor power source and want to make a big impact you could bring indoor lamps outside, string up a chandelier in a tree, or use tiny garland lights as a table decoration.


You may already have some potted plants and shrubs outside, but we always think more is more when it comes to greenery – so supplement what you have with more. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune – some local garden centres sell grasses and shrubs for a reasonable price.

When I get bored on my faux house plants, I transfer them outside – it means that I don’t have to spend a fortune on outdoor plants and don’t have to spend the time growing, maintaining and nurturing them.


We have a big range of pots online and instore, and we just can’t get enough of this aged, reclaimed terracotta pot, to add muted colour and loads of texture.


We just love a candle, especially a scented candle . . . especially and outdoor scented candle! Consider investing in some large outdoor citronella candles – not only do they smell amazing, they ward off pesky insects that usually cause one of your guests to start flapping and shrieking all over the garden! We love this one by one of our sustainable Cornish suppliers St Eval.

If you have little guests in attendance, perhaps use some LED candles for ambience and place some oil burners containing citronella oil up high in a safe place.
Try dotting a range of multi-sized candle lanterns around the garden space too – there’s something magical about the glow of candle light in a large glass lantern. We like to mix it up and place these ones on the floor and hang these smaller tea light lanterns from hooks, branches or wire.


Floor Coverings

How infuriating is it when you’ve spent a back breaking day weeding the slabs or decking on the patio and a week later, they’re popping back through again?! There are lots of products on the market to keep those naughty weeds at bay but most take time to work and contain chemicals which isn’t ideal if you have small children or pets. So our trick is to cover unsightly areas of the garden patio with rugs. Rugs are fab for more informal dining situations, and perfect for children to sit around in a picnic set up, but they also add colour texture and comfort when creating an entertaining space outside.

You could even make floor coverings outside a more permanent feature by opting for some outdoor rugs. Most are made from woven plastic which means that they are weatherproof, easy to clean and won’t attract bugs. They are super lightweight too, so if you are off to the beach for the day they are easy to transport and make an ideal beach mat.

Serve and Dinnerware

We love nothing more than a big serve yourself feast, where everyone helps themselves and continues to graze throughout the day. This no fuss method means you can serve up on larger platters or boards like this reclaimed beauty. If you are really out to impress you can channel your inner creative, and design some beautiful grazing boards. Check out the wonderful Gather & Graze for some stunning inspiration! We like to treat our guests to a zingy little cocktail like this a-mazing Floradora gin cocktail by Hendrix served in our help-yourself water (or booze!) dispenser decanted into a pretty heavy cut glass tumbler.Cutlery in (easy to shuttle from kitchen to garden) caddy’s work well, and means you don’t need to spend time laying the table, as it is grab and go.

Throws & Cushions

When the sun has set and you’re braving the mossies for a few sundowners, the temperature may drop, so have a basket full of throws and blankets to hand, so that guests can wrap up and get super relaxed and cosy whilst still enjoying the great outdoors – this monochrome blanket marries cozy and boho together perfectly. Don’t forget to bring out all the cushions too – again you can opt for all weather cushions or maybe some from inside (depending on how civilised your guests are) like these gorgeous tasseled boho cushions of dreams.

If you do have the luxury of time and can be a bit more planned ahead of a scheduled outdoor event, why not look at taking on a DIY project that is a little more substantial. We love the idea of creating and building an outdoor Pizza Oven. Head here for a step by step tutorial – it will take roughly 2 weekends and a bit of muscle – but just think of those amazing homemade pizzas – we love this meaty offering from Jamie Oliver.

Now we just need some sunshine!!



New stock, and bunnies, and eggs! Oh my!

We hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend and making the most of the sunshine and time off! Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without treating yourselves to some goodies from the Easter Bunny.

With Easter being a time of new beginnings, I thought it would be apt to share with you my new chapter as a new starter here at Liv’s…


At the end of January, I made my first of many commutes to work as a Sales Assistant. I was full of butterflies and nervous energy and, consequently, arrived super early for my shift! However, all these feelings soon changed when I was greeted at the door by a super friendly Kate, with the biggest smile on her face. From this point on, I knew everything was going to be ok!


I feel like I’ve been here for ages! But let me assure you, I mean this in the best way!

Spring window displays

As a Sales Assistant, my job involves anything from helping you, our customers, around the shop and popping your transactions through the till, to checking off deliveries and getting our lovely stock out and priced, and ready for you to buy! But you may also see me wrapping and posting your internet orders, merchandising around the shop or in the window, up a ladder, or even drilling something! (a ‘life skill’ I will be forever grateful for).


For me, the best part about working here at Liv’s is the people. Every shift I get to work alongside such a supportive and hardworking team, without them I never would have settled in so quickly!

We’ve got some zesty new stock in store!

As Liv’s is an independent business, my job here is never boring. Every day is always busy and filled with such a variety of tasks. It truly is lovely to work somewhere where you really feel like you’re pulling your weight and helping towards its success.

So next time you pop in for a mooch, please come and say hi! I can’t wait to meet you all .


As I’m sure many of you are aware from the ‘gram, it has been all go here over the last few weeks; everyone has been busy decorating to give Liv’s a fresh, new look for the Spring!

Betty keeping us in check!

MC and Gina, supervised by Betty, have been busy constructing our all-new gazebo! As well as making alterations to the textures of our walls. Meanwhile, the rest of us have all ‘mucked in’ with sanding, painting, merchandising, painting, rearranging, ‘wall-papering,’ and painting some more, to help Liv’s vision come to life.

Gina and Kate getting their paint on.
Beth and MC papering the day away.
All new shades.

Our walls have been freshened up with some luscious new colours. On-trend pinks have been complimented with vibrant greens, allowing those Spring feelings to echo around the store.

Liv, MC and Kate gained their inspiration from the displays they saw at the Paris Show and came back bursting with ideas to try out in the shop! If you haven’t already, check out Kate’s post about their trip.

Left: inspiration from the Paris Show! Right: you guessed it, more painting!


On top of the DIY-ing (as if that wasn’t enough excitement), the whole shop has undergone a re-jig! We have decided to scale back our merchandising, giving it an appropriate spring clean, and have made the decision to group our products more. Our aim is to make it easier for you to shop all the options that are available – we hope you like our new look!

Come and check out our Liv’s fashion boutique.

Everyone here has played a part and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done. Please come and let us know what you think!


While digging into some hot cross buns, why not have a think about taking a leap this Easter; whether that’s into a new job, like me, or perhaps you fancy changing up your interiors this Spring time? What have you got to lose!

Phoebe @ Liv’s

P.S. If you’re like us and love any excuse to continue the Easter treats, Kate is making a delicious boozy pudding with an Easter twist this weekend. Check out the recipe below…


The perfect pud for your Easter!

Bursting with apricots and cognac!

This super easy recipe serves 8 and is ready in 1 hour (with soaking time).


  • 600 ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 200 ml double cream
  • 400 ml single cream
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 4 medium free-range eggs
  • 170 g caster sugar
  • 6 hot cross buns , sliced in half
  • 1 knob butter , spread on the hot cross buns
  • 3 tablespoons Cognac
  • 1 handful dried apricots , chopped
  • 1 orange , zest of
  • a little icing sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/gas 3. For the custard base, bring the milk and all the cream just to the boil in a saucepan. Cut the vanilla pod in half, scrape out the seeds and add to the pan. Whisk the eggs with the sugar until pale, then whisk in the milk and cream mixture, removing the vanilla pod shell.
  2. Dip the hot cross bun halves in the mixture, then place in an ovenproof dish. Drizzle over the Cognac and sprinkle over the apricots and the orange zest. Sieve the custard over, and leave it all to soak for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Place the dish in a roasting tin, half-fill the tin with hot water, then bake the pudding for about 45 minutes. When cooked it will have a slight crust on top but will still be slightly wobbly inside. Dust with the icing sugar and serve.

Meet the Team . . .

Based on a recent poll on the ‘gram you lovely lot want to meet the Team! So without further a-do . . . .

Liv – Director and Creative Genius

Liv and Betty

Liv is the Creative Director of the business, chief buyer and has a fabulous eye for trends. Originally from Bergen in Norway, her style influence can be seen throughout the shop. Liv designed our lovely website and provides creative guidance and strategy across all projects. Momma to Betty (our resident pooch) Liv loves all dogs, when she’s not in the office, she’s talking to everybody’s dog on the shop floor.

MC – Managing Director and Operations Mastermind

MC makings deliveries

Michael is Liv’s husband and co-founder of the business. He is the man who makes everything work from admin and payments to warehousing and security. With a background in construction, MC is the guy to turn to for big in-store builds, and his knowledge of furniture is unrivalled. You’ll have met MC if you’ve ever ordered furniture from us – he drives the van, delivers to customers homes (with a big smile) and constructs your furniture too! MC loves Paul Weller, football and thinks there is nothing worse than flat beer!

Kate – Store Manager and Styling Sensation

Kate at Paris Show finding new treasures

Kate is our Store Manager, who joined the team back in 2013 from a background in Visual Merchandising. Day to day, Kate can be found leading the team, up a ladder in the windows (her favourite place to be!) or on the shop floor merchandising like a ninja!  Championing customer service, and total team cheerleader, Kate works to keep a happy shop. When she’s not in store, or delivering furniture to customer’s homes, Kate also joins Liv and Michael on buying trips and works to bring fresh trends through to the shop floor. Kate loves cats, a chilly Sauvignon Blanc and British Country Music.

Gina – Assistant Manager and Construction Queen

Gina in her happy place

Gina is our no-nonsense, Northern powerhouse. She is originally from North Yorkshire, and after joining the team in 2014 now calls Birmingham her ‘home from home’. Gina’s background is in Theatre and Events Design, so is often the creative force behind big instore builds and installations. You’ll quite often find her up some ladders, with a selection of faux florals in one hand and a drill in the other, adding a splash of drama! If not in the shop Gina is likely to be with MC on delivery to customer’s homes and sourcing new materials for the next big exciting make-over. Gina loves making (and drinking) gin, hot yoga and travelling.

Phoebe – Super Sales Assistant

Phoebe is the newest member of the team, she joined us in January having just completed her MA in Literary Studies. Although new to the team, she’s a natural at merchandising and wonderful with words. Phoebe is an absolute bookworm and has an unrivaled collection of cactuses. Phoebe loves Italian food and is partial to a cheeky prosecco.

Amy – Content Creator and Paparazzo

Amy having short girl probs

Amy joined the team last year to ‘do the words and pictures’. Normally in the office, you’ll sometimes see Amy in a wafty skirt with a massive camera, taking pictures around the shop. With a background in marketing and photography she is rarely without a phone in her hand, always on the hunt for the next insta-opportunity! Amy loves Ibiza, her children and scented candles.

Emma – Super Sales Assistant

Emma works with us on Sundays and is a proud and full time mum to her 2yr old daughter for the rest of the week. Emma’s background in retail feeds into her love of customer service. And having just moved in to her new home, she’s faced with countless style opportunities, finds inspiration in the shop, and has developed a love for storage solutions. Emma loves holidays, bad TV and styling her new home.

Betty – Shih-Poo and Top Dog

Betty has recently turned 2! She absolutely LOVES a fuss and walks to work with Liv quite regularly.

So there we have it . . .our little team! Make sure you come and say “Hi!” to us next time you’re in store!

Paris Show 2019

Here is Kate’s round up of what the gang got up to in Paris . . .

So. We’re back from Paris, bursting with ideas about how we’re going to style (and physically fit) all of our wonderful new collections in the shop! Here’s a little trip report, sneak peak at our new finds for 2019, and a forecast of interiors trends for 2019/20.

Leaving on a Jet Plane . . . 

We flew eye-wateringly early from Birmingham to Charles De Gaulle and dashed straight from the airport to Parc Des Expositions which is just 10 minutes by train. We soon arrived at Maison Et Objet.

A quick coffee later (and a swift one for the road for MC) we dived straight in and walked the halls marvelling and sniffing beautiful candles, soaps and fragrances.  

Dip Dip Hooray

Our first purchase was these stunning candles from Ester & Erik, who have been making candles in Denmark since 1987 using a centuries old method of dipping on a frame, ensuring the candles are of the highest quality.  We fell in love with these candles at first sight, and painstakingly narrowed their 100s of colours down to just 9 gorgeous seasonal shades to take home.

Bouji Boho

Over the following few days, we walked the halls taking in all the décor and styling inspiration, making purchases along the way; we re-visited one of our all-time favourite suppliers, Madam Stoltz, whose stand, every single year is like a bohemian beach house dream. The way she puts together her collections is inspirational, and this year soft earthy tones ruled. Velvets in pinks, rusts, ochres and monochromes, curated artfully with brass, coloured glass, bamboo and wicker.

 Crafts featured large this year; Macramé, weaving and basketwork adorn the walls, and botanicals hang from the ceiling

Liv on Madam Stoltz

It was simply gorgeous, and physical restraint was all I could muster to stop Liv moving in! … And consequently, lots of lovely new stock is on it’s way from Madam Stoltz.

A Few of our Favourite Things . . . 

Along the way, we also bought: some fabulous lighting from one of our favourite Dutch brands, velvet dining chairs in a selection of opulent jewel shades, and a deco inspired brass shelving unit. We found even more plant pots with faces on, vases that hang from the ceiling, and a collection of utilitarian water and wine glasses that are super on trend.

This years trends were clear to see, rich earthy hues and desert shades. Raw cottons juxtaposed with luxurious velvets, and oversize everything! Enormous vases, opulent chandeliers, Art Deco inspired lighting, and botanicals, botanicals botanicals! There seems to be a real authenticity among interiors trends at the moment, ceramics feel handmade and linens are raw and honest.

Kate – on 2019 trends

Music is the Answer

The music on all of the stands at the Exhibition is well curated, with a heavy pulsing beat which gives a sort of heartbeat to the experience as you wander the stands. I have created a playlist of the music we found along the way. We’ve been playing it in the shop too, so do listen out when you’re next in store.

Trend Forecast

My personal highlight of Maison Et Objet is the Future Trends arena, where trend forecasters showcase interiors trends for the coming year. Trends are forecast based on all sorts of influences from fashion to cultural and economic. (read more about Trend Forecasting here). In this years case it’s a historical milestone; 2019 marks 50 years since the moon landings, and we will see reference to this throughout trends in 2019/20.  Opulent iridescents, futuristic metallics, dark galactic shades and in the case of Seletti, a collection of solar system inspired tableware.

There is a clear African influence that is prevalent throughout almost every collection, translated in one way or another. Bold monochrome tribal prints, and brightly coloured basket work, intricate beading and handicrafts sit alongside naive ceramics. This is interpreted differently from stand to stand, there is colonial antique style furniture, and a travellers curiosity collection, sat alongside taxidermy and finds from around the world.  Collections feel like they are put together because each individual item is loved, and the authenticity is felt throughout the trends here too.

It is clear to see that opulence is here to stay. I think we will be enjoying velvets and brights for a good while yet. The feeling is very much More-is-More – And that’s absolutely fine by me!

So having bought what felt like the whole of Paris, we dashed off with our suitcases to the airport to catch a late flight home! Phew – What a weekend!

When in Paris . . .

I think it’s important to mention just a couple of the places we ate and drank at over the course of the weekend (because everybody likes to be in the know if there’s a hidden gem to be found – right?)

We popped in to see the lovely people at Lou Lou’s Diner, which is a gorgeous Australian style diner which serves delicious healthy food and even better cocktails. We discovered it last year as it’s stumbling distance from our little Parisian hotel, and is stylish, well priced and the vibe in there is super chilled.  If you like cocktails, you’ll LOVE Lou Lou’s ‘Roses are Pink’

Toasting a successful trip at LouLou

We were also lucky enough to get a table at the incredible Chez Fernand, which describes itself as ‘French Cuisine for Wine Lovers’. 

Tucked down a little back street behind Notre Dame,  it is a total Hidden Gem – there were customers queuing in the cold down the street waiting to be seated in the tiny authentic restaurant.

Kate – on Chez Fernand

We had such a lovely evening there –  you simply must check it out when you’re next in Paris, but do book ahead!

Kate x

No January Blues here – it’s all Coral!

Happy New Year (can we still say that?)! We hope you had a wonderful time over the festive season celebrating with friends and family. We literally ate our body weight in cheese, gorged on Christmas TV and now we are ready for an exciting 2019.

This Month We Are . . . 

WATCHING: ‘Luther’ (hello Idris!) (…from behind a cushion) and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (I read her first book, did (almost) everything she recommended and kept local charity shops in business for at least a year 😉 

READING: ‘Quiet’ by Fearne Cotton
LISTENING TO: ‘I Found You / Nilda’s Story’ by Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris and Miguel.

New Year, New Hue

The Pantone Institute have announced The Pantone of the Year 2019 as Living Coral chosen for its “animating and life-affirming” hue which “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,” according to the official site.

To us, Living Coral feels like that fresh, vibrant shade that we’re all looking for to kick off the new year, especially when we’re trying to escape from the cold dreariness of winter. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it works well in your home, wardrobe and make-up bag!

Live with Living Coral

Take inspiration from Sweden’s Artilleriet Store and make coral cozy and luxe. Super snuggly.

Image Credit: @artillerietstore  

Or make it happy and bright like this coral dining room with it’s vintage finds.

Image Credit: www.thespruce.com

For the brave fashionistas how stunning are these colours and textures together?

Image Credit: Styling @sarahdebeaumont, Art Direction @thibautmathieuad for @ad_magazine

Love the textures and colours in this bakery. Who would have thought pink grout could be to die for?!

Image Credit: www.deezeen.com

If a large expanse of coral packs too much of a punch for you, take a more subtle approach by adding accents with accessories, or introduce colour via a picture wall like this gallery in the stunning home Tanja Gottharsden.

Image Credit: Home of Tanja Gotthardsen

Or take a tonal approach and use a stack of cushions in complementary shades.

Image Credit: Unknown. Sourced via Pinterest

This shade also works well mixed with other unexpected colour ways like this rich jewel emerald with just a pop of coral.

Image Credit: www.digsdigs.com

If you want something a little less committal and maybe at a more palatable price point, go crazy with florals, we love these colourful beautiful creations by @tulipinadesign

Or perhaps paint the inside of one of your internal doors for a happy little surprise.

Image Credit: Unknown, sourced via Pinterest

Have a wonderful January lovelies, here’s to keeping resolutions and embracing colour!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more coral inspo xx

Feast Your Eyes on This

There’s nothing we love more than designing and styling a table here at Liv’s and with the Big Day fast approaching, we’ve come up with some inspo to help you plan your Christmas tablescape.

Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest

Faux or real, foliage is such a simple way to add colour, texture and depth to your table. Eucalyptus is a firm favourite with us. If you opt for faux its universal enough to use all year round, but if you go for the real deal the smell will be sensational. Like in the image above, we like to use it as a centerpiece running down the middle of the table; it’s so easy, there’s no faffing required – the more wild and rustic the better. You can add more interest by introducing some pillar candles, we like plain white but feel free to match them up to a secondary colour in your scheme. Another nice touch if you’d prefer not to light candles at the table is a string of teeny tiny warm hued battery operated LED lights – so twinkly!

Image: M&L Florists


If you want to add impact and drama, mirror what you’ve styled on the table above it too, or instead – for extra room to serve Christmas Dinner! In the past, we’ve used a large branch or twig salvaged from the garden, but a piece of dowling would work too. Use fishing wire to suspend from tiny hooks in the ceiling (command strips are great as they wont make holes in the paintwork), or from skylights. Then, using floristry wire, attach stems of eucalyptus (and maybe even some fir – you could use off cuts from your tree). We think it looks really nice if some of the stems overhang the ends of the branch or rod. Again, adding some battery powered LED lights would make this installation look really magical – just use floristry wire to wind the battery pack securely to the branch, and hide it with some strategically placed stems.

Image: Home and Garden


If green foliage is too simplistic, you can add a secondary colour to your scheme and weave that throughout, using bunches of glitter picks. Perhaps use some feathered or bronze crackle glazed baubles in mixed sizes and shapes hanging  them from your floating instalment; or one on the place setting for each guest with their name attached (we love a Dymo Label Maker – type out the name or initials of each guest and stick it to the bauble).

Image: Christian Brun


Or to keep things rustic add some feathers – nestle them into the greenery and add them to a cutlery bundle with a napkin and some twine like the one below.

Image: Livs.co.uk


As well as adding texture through foliage and greenery, layering up your tableware will add extra interest, contrast and dimension. Try using some beaded placemats and coasters, topped with either a charger plate that tonally matches up to the colour of your dinnerware, or a dinner plate and a starter plate or bowl on top. Next add a napkin/cutlery and a name card and or sprig of foliage or embellishment to compliment your theme. We love the tones used in the image below – midnight blue and matte gold really zing with teal and greens from the foliage.

Image: Unknown

Above all, don’t worry too much about symmetry, formality of where the cutlery goes – enjoy the company of friends and family over good food and drink.

Happy tablescaping lovelies!

How To: Create an Everlasting Wreath

Faux Christmas Wreath with fruit foliage and glitter embellishments
The finished article . . . 

You will need:

  • A  wreath base –  I like to use faux fir for  density because I just love a full bushy wreath, but wire or wicker will both work fine. In fact wire left exposed can give quite a stylish Scandinavian aesthetic.
  • Faux Foliage stems of your choice – as much as you like, and more the merrier. I like to use a contrasting shaped leaf to the fir for variation, in this case eucalyptus. I’ve used a burgundy autumnal shade alongside classic green.
  • Decorative Stems – red berries, snow berries, mistletoe, frosted blueberries… here is where you can start to really get creative with the colour scheme of your wreath.
  • Decorative Adornments – Glitter leaf picks, Clip on birds, Dried Fruit, Cones, Cinnamon sticks, feathers, dried leaves. Be it gorgeous glam or understated natural, it’s time to accentuate your Christmas vibe.
  • Battery operated LED Fairy Lights – add a little bit of twinkle to your masterpiece.
  • Tools – florists wire, wire snips, scissors, ribbon to hang (optional)
Layout of all the tools and items you need to make a faux Christmas Wreath
Tool Kit

“I think the key to good wreath making is having lots of fun with it, be bold!” 

Kate, Store Manager

Step 1. Pick the wreath base of your choice, and foliage stems that will give you the look you want for your wreath.

Naked Faux Fir Wreath

For the wreath featured here I used 2 x Eucalyptus Bush (and snipped off the individual stems to use separately) and 3 x Burgundy Eucalyptus stem.

Step 2. Fluff-up your wreath base so it’s looking it’s best, and then wire the foliage stems into the wreath, working your way around the wreath, with all the stems pointing in the same direction. Secure the stems in place by twisting a length of wire around the base of each stem, and securing to the base as you go. Pull branches of the base wreath through to give a little more depth. You should now have a wonderfully wild natural wreath.

Faux Christmas Wreath with Burgundy and Green Eucalyptus
Burgundy and Green Eucalyptus

Step 3. Get going with the decorative stems, weave the berries through the wreath, still working in the same direction, securing in the same way as you did with the eucalyptus.

Faux Christmas Wreath with Berries and Dried Fruits
Fruit and Berries

Step 4. Now is a good time to add battery operated fairy lights if you would like to add a bit of festive twinkle to your wreath.

Faux Christmas Wreath with LED Battery Powered Fairy Lights
Twinkly Lights

Step 5. Once your wreath is twinkling, it’s time to start styling it with your decorative adornments. I love dried fruit, and florists wire is perfect for poking through the body of the fruit to enable you to secure it to the wreath base. I arranged the fruit in little clusters and added glittered acorns and leaf picks to complete the look.  For a more natural wreath aesthetic,  pheasant and guinea fowl feathers look understated and gorgeous. Wire these into place as you have done previously.

Step 6. Time to fluff up all the layers of your wreath to add extra depth, and splay the edges of the foliage for extra wilderness vibes. Now you can add any finishing touches. I nestled a tiny glitter bird in the foliage to add a touch of life.

Embellished Faux Christmas Wreath
Glitter Bird Embellishments

Step 7. You’re done! Hang your wreath proudly on your door (attaching gorgeous ribbon if you choose), pour yourself something sparkly and congratulate yourself on your excellent wreath making skills. Put your feet up and admire your handiwork!

To shop some of the beautiful embellishments you could add to your wreath, check out our Christmas line

The Christmas Count Down is on . . .

Six Weeks to go!

Well we are firmly into the countdown to Christmas now with less than six weeks to go! Whilst most people may have just started getting through their festive ‘to-do’ lists we have been busy preparing here at Liv’s HQ for the last couple of months!

Shop Transformation

You may have noticed that our very clever team have transformed the shop into a magical winter wonderland, using our gazebo to showcase all the amazing Christmas decorations and ornaments Liv, Kate and Gina sourced way back in January of this year!

Window Shopping

We have also recently re-dressed the windows, Kate has styled a beautiful nordic Christmas Tree and dining table perfect for a hygge gathering.

Sensational Scent

And in the last week Gina and MC have installed a huge fir backdrop behind the till which has filled the store with the beautiful scent of pine . . .that mixed with the gorgeous pollyfields scented dried fruits is just insane – if Christmas were a smell then this would be it!

Dream Team

At the beginning of the week the team limbered up and flexed their muscles to unload a huge container of exciting and new stock which we can’t wait to fill the store with!!

Shop ’til you Drop

And that is all just in time for our exclusive Christmas Shopping Event, this Thursday 23rd November at 17:30. There are just a few tickets left now, so if you’re lucky you can get your hands on them here. We will be treating you to some festive refreshments, goodie bags and discounts . . .we can’t wait to see you there. We might even brave blasting the Christmas Spotify playlist (it’s not too early is it?!).

A Little Something I Made Myself

Finally, if you want to impress your friends and family as you welcome them into your home this season, why not join us for our first ever ‘Everlasting Wreath’ Workshop?! You’ll learn how to create a bespoke faux foliage wreath and we will provide nibbles, cheer and all the kit you need to build your creation. As those compliments come rolling in about how magnificent your door wreath is from visitors you can nonchalantly remark “Oh, you like my wreath?!” “No, no you can’t buy it from (insert preferred luxury department store), I made it.” <casual hair flick>. Get your tickets here.

Happy Christmas Shopping lovelies. Tra la la la la, la la la laaaa x

Behind the scenes – it’s photoshoot time!

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen that we had a little photoshoot with all of our lovely stock recently!!! Over two days, we took over a lovely old house in the Coleshill countryside and filled it with everything Liv’s!

Our manager Kate, assistant manager Gina, in-house photographer Lou, business owners Liv & MC and of course Betty the Shih-poo all went along to build, style and photograph lots of furniture and accessories for our website.

Take a look below for a little inside look at how things happened over the two days – go team!

Continue reading “Behind the scenes – it’s photoshoot time!”