70s Style Cream Embossed Vase - Tall, 44cm


H44, D15cm

Inject a little 1970s style with this mid century inspired ceramic vase.


Styled simply with a bunch of long-stem eucalyptus this vase has a narrow neck making it the perfect vase for tall pussy willow stems.

70’s Style Cream Embossed Vase would be perfectly suited to add a subtle touch of pattern to a neutral space.

Why not style on a large tray to make an eye catching table centre.

Embossed with a bold print, choose between ‘Chevron’ or ‘Cross Hatch’ design.

This stoneware vase is finished in a neutral off-white speckled glaze.

Made from natural materials which may not be 100% waterproof. Always protect delicate surfaces with a mat.