Dried Flower Bouquet - Dolly Bright


Our gorgeous ‘Dolly Bright, Dried Flower Bouquet’ is the epitome of fun springtime style.

Inspired by all the great Dollys, Dolly mixtures, Dolly Parton and MC's Auntie Dolly, This bouquet is a vibrant way to embrace the dried flower trend.

Dolly Bright bouquet combines Vibrant Yellow Lagurus Bunny Tails, Purple Phalaris, White Oats, Coral Wheat juxtaposed against a beautful big bleached palm sun which adds wonderful statement structure.


Styled simply in a glass bottle vase, Dolly Bright, Dried Flower Bouquet will make a perfect centerpiece arrangement and create a talking point in your home.


Dolly Bright, Dried Flower Bouquet measures approximately 70cm tall.

As this is a natural product, size and final arrangement may differ slightly from the image.

To get the most out of your bouquet, it is best displayed out of direct sunlight and away from water.