Dried Flowers - Lagurus Bunny Tails, Bright Yellow

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Lagurus Bright Yellow Bundle measures approximately 55-70cm long.

Lagurus Bunny Tail Bright Yellow is a favourite here at Liv’s.

Great styled alone in a simple narrow-neck vase, Lagurus Bright Yellow will add a fluffy softness to dry floral arrangements and is a perfect filler for your mixed bouquets. Why not mix with other vibrant dry stems to make a DIY mixed arrangement.

Lagurus ovatus, sometimes called Bunnies Tail is a gorgeously fluffy ornamental grass which is ideally suited for drying. It has an elegant sleek needle-thin stem, and a lightweight fluffy seed head.


As this is a natural product, size may differ slightly from the image.

To get the most out of your dried flowers, they are best displayed out of direct sunlight and away from water.