Dried Flowers - Poppy Stem, Natural


Single Dried Poppy Stem, Natural

Poppy (Papaver) Natural are sold by the stem to allow you to buy exactly what you need to add structure and shape to any arrangement.

This elegant single poppy stem would be just beautiful styled alone in a simple narrow neck vase. Great to add structure to a mixed dry floral arrangement, alongside pampas, palm spears and lagurus.

Naturally, poppy heads vary in shape, size and colour. Colours can vary from dusty purple to chalky greys and greens, and typically poppy heads measure from 1-3cm Diameter. With a stem length of approx 30-50cm. Each will be different, and that’s exactly the beauty of this natural product. 

To get the most out of your dried flowers, they are best displayed out of direct sunlight and away from water.