Gluggle Jug - White XL


This iconic jug is a traditional design by Wade Ceramics. Since first being made in the 1860s the Koi fish shaped Gluggle Jug, has entertained users with its happy ‘gluggling’ sound which gives the jug its name.

The mouth-shaped pourer makes a 'glug glug glug' sound when liquid is poured from it.

Our Bestselling Gluggle Jug is intricately embossed with scale, fin and face details, and it’s ornate curved tail forms a clever handle

Use your Gluggle Jug as a vase, a decorative water jug or as a really cool utensil pot. Wherever you decide to use it, a Gluggle Jug will be sure to be a talking point and make a quirky statement in your home.

Gluggle Jug XL White is made locally in Staffordshire from vitrified porcelain and is finished in food safe glaze. Gluggle Jug XL measures H27cm and has a capacity of 1.3L (5-6 tumblers).


Gluggle jug is not recommended for use in the dishwasher or microwave.