Hanging Glass Jute Sphere Tea Light Holder, 8cm


Hanging Glass Jute Sphere Tea Light Holder, 8cm

Create a magical atmosphere in an instant with our beautiful ‘floating’ tealights Hanging glass Sphere Tea Light Holders.

Perfect to hold small airplants or dried flowers, this elegantly designed fine glass bubble bauble has a hole where you can place a tealight (a small flame or LED) suspended on a lovely long jute string.

This hanging decoration will add aimbiance and whimsy hung inside or while it’s outside lighting up balmy summer evenings, these will look baubles look great indoors and outdoors. Gorgeous for weddings, garden parties or suspended above your dining table.

 We recommend using battery operated LED tealights with our glass tealight holders if you are concerned about heat or safety. Or hung on flammable objects such as christmas trees. Never leave a candle butning unattended.