Incense Backflow Ceramic Burner, Salt Glaze


Incense Backflow Ceramic Burner, Salt Glaze is a cool, retro inspired insence burner.

Backflow incense burners, often also called waterfall incense burners, are a great way to burn your favourite incense cones, and add a little visual interest to your room. Backflow burners are designed to create relaxing visual displays, as smoke from the incense cones cascades, trickles and swirls down and down the burner.

To use, Simply light an insence cone on the top, leave to burn for a few seconds and then gently blow out the flame leaving a glowing ember which will begin to emit fragrant smoke. If backflow cones are used, the smoke will begin to cascade down the leaves of the burner and pool slowly into the room.

Incense Backflow Ceramic Burner, Salt Glaze measures H19 x 10cm

Please note, we reccomend the use of 'Backflow' insence cones for best visual effect. Standard insence cones are perfectly fine to use but will give a less visually pleasing effect.