Preserved Eucalyptus Cinera Small Bundle

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This bundle of Preserved Eucalyptus Cinera is a simple, stylish way to add a natural touch to any space. Eucalyptus Cinera is an evergreen mildly scented foliage with multiple oval shaped leaves,.

Great to fill up a vase alone or add depth and a rich green tone to an existing arrangement. Why not mix eith other dried grasses and structural palms to curate your own DIY Bouquet.


Bundle of Preserved Eucalyptus Cinera measures H40-60cm aprox.

The vase pictured contains one bundle, sold by weight so the exact make up of each bouquet will be different.


Care instructions: please be gentle with me, and keep me away from water.

Due to the natural nature of the product, each bouquet may vary slightly from the photograph.