Sandalwood 3 Wick Candle - Silver Dish, 14cm

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Sandalwood Candle with 3 Wicks

In Silver Ceramic Pot.

Made from 30% Paraffin wax ,18% Palm Wax, 3% Fragrance.

 Sandalwood 3 Wick Candle in Silver Dish Measures D14cm x H4cm


Candles are the best way to make your home feel cosy, and a great gift for yourself or a friend.


Sandalwood 3 Wick Candle in Silver Dish is the perfect present. Comprising a beautiful shallow ceramic dish with a silver hammered effect finish, filled with scented wax. Light the three wicks and let the rich sandalwood scent fill your home with fragrance.


Fragrance profile: A classic oriental woody note, milky, soft, sturdy, rich, with a green top note and a satisfying lingering scent.