Sun Bleached Mahogany Bench, 180cm

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Meet our Sun Bleached Mahogany Trestle Bench. Aspirational quality, design and usability. This is a great hard working piece of furniture, but importantly it’s so stylish you’ll love to use it.


Mahogany is a sought after tropical hardwood, usually recognised by it’s dark aesthetic. In the case of our furniture, the Mahogany is lightened through a lengthy process of leaving the raw timber outdoors to naturally bleach in the sun. In time it’s brought inside, cleaned and then left outside to bleach again until it has achieved the perfect pale finish. This is a complex lightning process that can only take place for a few months of the year. And just one of the reasons we love this collection so much.


Our Sun Bleached Bench compliments the Sun Bleached Dining table just perfectly, It’s slim design means it would be great in a boot room or hall way providing a place to perch while you lace your shoes. This beautiful bench has a wonderfully utilitarian feel to the design. Embrace this paired back look with raw linen cushions and other natural materials.