Beam Glass Candle - Bright Blue, Pepper & Plum



Gorgeous gifts for a friend that will ensure the recipient BEAMS with delight! This cute scented candle collection is inspired by vintage perfume bottles and beams of light, this colourful and petite collection features a fun lid,and a foil stamped to/from hang tag.  Once finished, why not use this cute little colourful jar as a jewellery box!

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Davana, Clove, Pink Pepper
Middle: Amber Woods, Berry, Plum,
Base: Sandalwood, Cream, Cedar, Patchouli, Sheer Musk
(Eo Content: Patchouli, Clove, Cupressus Funebris Wood Oil, Orange, Black Pepper, Artemisia Pallens Flower Oil)

Product size: 73 x 73 x 76mm