Pack 4 Short Dinner Candles - Bright Red (H10cm)


If, like us, you have a candle burning at every occasion - you'll love these short dinner candles. 

H10cm D2.2cm

Made in Germany, using high quality materials.  Clean, unpolluted paraffin wax ensures a smoke and drip free candle with long burn time. Available in lots of different colours, why not mix them up in a pretty colleciton  of different candlesticks or bottles for a beautiful table display.

These candles will fit in any standard candle holder and work perfectly in your empty wine bottles too.

Food safe, non-toxic colours, these candles are colourful all the way through

Pure Cotton Wick, Smoke-free, Drip-free
Burn-time: four hours +
Made from purified paraffin wax