Sherwood Furniture Wax 400g - Mylands Rustic Brown


Chosen by our Sherwood furniture manufacturers for its quality, depth of colour and durability -  we are delighted to now offer it in store and online. Perfect to keep your Sherwood furniture looking brand new, or for projects of your own.

About Mylands Wax: This wax is a unique product and is still manufactured to original recipes. It has been used successfully by furniture restorers for well over a century. Mylands Traditional Wax Polishes are still manufactured to original recipes which are over 100 years old, Formulated on the purest and hardest natural waxes available including Beeswax, Carnauba and Shellac Wax. 

For application: Apply the wax to the furniture surface with a clean white lint-free cloth and allow to dry. When dry, buff to a fine finish with a clean white lint-free cloth. Further applications may be made in the same manner and will give increased hardness and shine.