Box of 10 Wax Melts - The Winter Collection

Cosy up with our Winter Collection - Tube of 10 Soya Wax Melts which will fill your home with beautifully natural, seasonal fragrances.

Each tube comprises an assortment of Soya Wax melts from our Winter collection, including: ' ‘Christmas Star’, ‘Hygge’, 'Orange Spice', 'Lemon & Pine', 'Evergreen', 'Cranberry Marmalade', 'Frankincense & Myrrh', 'Eucalyptus & Peppermint', Floral Oud’ and ‘Winter Nights’

Topped with understated natural decorations, these beautiful wax melts are made by a little independent family business in the UK, who are really passionate about their product and quite rightly have gone from strength to strength over the last year. Here at Liv’s we are incredibly proud to support them.

Made from Soya wax, these wax melts are completely Vegan and there are no hidden nasties so you can feel reassured using them in your home. Simply place your Wax Melt into the bowl of your favourite Oil Burner and light a Tea-Light underneath, then wait for your room to be filled with the generous fragrance.

Due to the natural products used in the manufacture of these beautiful melts, the overall apperance of each melt may vary slightly from the selection pictured