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Here at Liv's HQ we understand that it's not easy to live a completely eco friendly life.

But, even a little bit of environmental consciousness goes a long way, just remembering your bag for life makes a difference...and let's be real, no-one needs any more plastic bags under the sink!

Here are some hints, tips and stylish solutions to help you on your eco journey.

Whether your budget is big or small,  you can try and live more environmentally friendly by consuming a little more consciously; Where possible choose sustainable materials such as bamboo, glass, clay and cork.  Try to ensure that any timber furniture pieces use FSC-certified wood or timber from sustainable forestry schemes like our Boston & Sherwood Collections, which have a far lower environmental impact.

Recycled Glass Vases By Madam Stoltz 

Here we have handpicked a curated collection of beautiful homewares and accessories that do a little good along the way.

Starting with our favorite: Turtle Bags - Stylish eco-friendly shopping bags

Turtle Bags was established back in 2002 to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and sell stylish alternatives to single use plastic bags, Available in countless gorgeous colours, they roll up super small to fit into any handbag so you'll never find yourself without one.

We are delighted to stock them - Shop Turtle Bags Here

The team behind Turtle Bags know that plastic in our seas is a problem which is invisible to most of us in our daily lives but causes countless problems for the environment and marine life. Leatherback Turtles travel to British Waters looking for jellyfish. Sadly, they mistake discarded plastic waste for their favourite food. Inspired by these turtles,  Turtle Bags are a useful reminder that plastic never goes away.  They are long standing partners of the Marine Conservation Society and donate 10% of profits to them.

 We just love Stylish Eco Storage!

With more and more zero waste supermarkets opening every day. We all are on the lookout for stylish kitchen storage jars, to fill up with loose grains, pasta, cereal (and just about anything else you can scoop!) to display proudly on our kitchen shelves. We've got lots of cool kitchen storage jars to create aspirational kitchen shelving storage that is great for the environment too.

Storage Jars and Glass Canisters

Check out The Clean Kilo in Digbeth  (if you haven't already!)

It's the zero waste supermarket of dreams - the biggest in the UK in fact, and right here in sunny Birmingham. They've recently opened a second shop in Bournville too!

It's all about Recycled Kitchenware

We pride ourselves on sourcing beautifully and responsibly sourced kitchen accessories. Some of our favorite pieces come from our favorite bohemian Danish supplier, Madam Stoltz. She sources beautiful recycled glassware.  featuring all the delightful bubbles, grit and imperfections you'd expect. It's handmade and Fairtrade too! These beautiful glasses will instantly add soul and warmth to your kitchen.

Recycled Glasses by Madam Stoltz

Shop Beldi Drinking Glasses 

Your utility can be beautiful and plastic-free too.

Whoever said that the practical things in life couldn't be beautiful too? We've curated a selection of gorgeous utility ware to keep your behind-the-scenes spaces as stylish as the rest of your home.

Beautiful refillable brown glass pump dispensers and spray bottles, to fill with your homemade eco friendly cleaning products. Eco refills of hand soap use much less plastic and are better value for money too, Win win!

Wooden scrubbers and brushes help do away with single use plastic scourers. And you didn't know you needed a recycled wooden tray to keep your bottles tidy on the shelf did you? Eco friendly and completely beautiful!

Shop Eco Utility Here

Made from recycled waste product - Our best selling Jumbo Storage Bags.

Made from recycled plastic, these colourful bags make ideal storage for laundry, clothes, toys and bedding. You've just got to choose which pattern you like best! We've got all got them here at Liv's HQ - I keep Christmas decorations in mine!


We strive to do our bit for the environment here in store. If you've ever received a web order from us, you'll have noticed that in almost every case, the packaging is recycled. Reusing packing materials our suppliers send to us, means we create no additional packaging along the way. So you'll have to forgive us if sometimes your web order box looks a little scruffy!

Check out our Eco Home category on the website for more inspiration, and ideas on how to live beautifully in an eco friendly way.

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June 15, 2021 — Michael Cole