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don’t know about you, but nothing makes me happier than staying in. Comfort food, low lighting and good company. And whether you’re sitting down to a romantic meal with your other half, having the girls over or kicking back with a take out…why not take some styling tips from our Store Manager, Kate, who features in our “How to Lay the Perfect Table” video. The principles that Kate has used are really simple! And never underestimate the power of a beautiful everyday setting, placemats aren’t just for special occasions!

The Magic of a Beautiful Everyday Setting

Items used in our video can be found on our website:

  1. Placemat’s from £2.50
  2. Large Stripe Dinner Plate £9.99
  3. Small Blue Patterned Plate £6.99
  4. Napkin’s from £2.75
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Kate’s Top Tips

  • Layering is your friend! We’ve first layered a textured placemat (we just can’t get enough of those pom-poms!).
  • Grab some plates and bowls that are a mix of patterns and tones – the more the merrier to continue adding those layers.
  • Add some water glasses for daytime dining, or lose the mugs and add your favourite wine glasses for supper.
  • Remember – there’s no rules here, so if you have a favourite treasured piece or a set of vintage dinnerware – get that involved too for a truly authentic eclectic mix!
Those of you that are eagle-eyed and  have visited us in the shop, might have spotted our handsome Boston Dining Table. We think our Boston Table is a true hero piece because it’s so versatile. You can extend it, so plenty of your mates can sit around it. Also the patina of the reclaimed wood just gets better with age – it’s perfect for families as you can actually use it and live with it!
If you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor for a formal dinner party,  watch The Sheer Luxe Show. Hostess extraordinaire, Serena Fresson shows how to make your dining room table shine. Your guests will be guaranteed to snap away for their Instagram (and if you look carefully you’ll see one of our pieces that Kate uses in our video, featured by Serena too!).
Lots of love from Liv’s HQ x
    January 03, 2021 — Michael Cole
    Tags: Top Tips