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Looks Good, Feels Good, Does Good.

We would like to take the chance to boast about how Our Boston Furniture Collection is more than just furniture. To tell you more about what it means to be made of reclaimed wood and what ours customers really think. Here at Liv’s HQ we are proud to be stockist as we are confident that this range will stand the test of style, comfort and time. Made of high quality reclaimed wood, this dining furniture and bedroom furniture would really be a fit in any home. 


The Boston is without a doubt our most popular and versatile range. The combination of rustic reclaimed timbers and smooth black metal features creates furniture that is both contemporary and with a timeless appeal. The natural woods boast all shades of brown and greys, making this range fit seamlessly in any style of house. Be it old country cottage, modern light extension or period manor house, this furniture will really showcase your style and space.
Why not hear it from our customers: 
Brilliant Reclaimed Wood Table I bought this table for my dining/living room and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is even better than I expected. I was determined to get high quality wood for my new furniture and that’s what I got. Also everyone from Livs were super helpful on getting this to me for the time I needed. – Maia Porto


High quality materials and skills to produce durable furniture. The Boston Furniture feels smooth to the touch. Each piece of wood is carefully rough sawn to give texture, then sanded down and finished with a dye that cohesively links each piece together and protects the wood from any spillages.

The Legs and features are metal and finished with a subtle distressed look. Each piece is crafted with dovetail joins, and strengthened with metal bolts. This furniture is as hardy as it looks and truly shows the skills of the craftsmen who make it. The Boston will definitely stand the test of time and is perfect for those little bumps that come with family life. A super stylish and super sensible choice!


Inspired from a culture of reusing and recycling, each piece of handmade furniture comes from reclaimed timber that has been checked, sorted and kiln-dried for stability. Giving discarded products, from shipping pallets to old buildings, a new lease of life. The results are impeccable; producing solid and durable wood that has been FSC certified.

FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) – is seen as a big deal in the furniture world. To get the FSC certification the company harvesting/recycling the wood must meet the  highest social and environmental standards on the market. These standards are:

1 Responsibly managed / sourced

2 Socially beneficial

3 Environmentally conscious

4 Economically viable.

Not only is the Boston Collection rustic and with a one-of-a-kind finish but it also saves 1 cubic metre of waste and as a result, saves 2 cubic metres of forest. We love that our collection can contribute to helping the environment and give you that added feel good factor when you see your extraordinary Boston furniture standing in your home. Who knew your furniture could do so much?

We love to hear from our customers, if you have purchased Boston Furniture with us please do send us a little picture or message.

Lots of Love The Team @ Liv’s HQ x

April 03, 2021 — Michael Cole