Crystal Obelisk Tower - Clear Quartz

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Crystal wand hexagonal pointed, which represent stability and peace. It says it is the most stable shape in nature.

Perfect decor for those who love to collect gemstones. Crystal Obelisk Tower - Clear Quartz, measures 5-7cm

Clear Quartz is known as the stone of light. When carried with you it is thought to allow higher and happier frequencies to be received, it's said to be the most powerful healing stone able to work on any condition.

Clear Quartz is said to be the most powerful, light and versatile healing crystal.

This Reiki wand dispels negativity from any spaces replacing it with positivity and light.

Crystal Obelisk Tower, a symbol of royalty, honour, spirit, wisdom, truth, enlightenment and vision. This natural gemstone healing crystal wand is used for healing, energy balancing and aura cleansing. Enhance the energies in the surroundings and balance the external influences. This gemstone wand will absorb the energy of the environment where it is placed or from the person who handles it.  Crystal point wand for decoration, spiritual growth and chakras balancing, 5-7cm.