Shelf Bracket - Covent Garden 20cm

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This cast iron bracket features scrolled detailing and the words 'Covent Garden'. Use two or three depending on the length of your shelf, great for use inside or outside

This cast iron shelf bracket measures approx.: H20cm W3.2cm D20cm

This cast iron bracket is handmade using centuries old cast iron methods, including a 5-stage hand finishing process, naturally finished with a maintenance wax rather than lacquer.

Due to the nature of the traditional manufacturing methods, each product will have its own markings, adding to its character. Should the product arrive with a residue of wax, wipe it over with an old cloth.

Our antique iron collection may over time show light surface rust if exposed to damp environments. If so, then this can easily be removed using light oil, such as WD40, and a fine grade wire wool. However, our cast iron collection will age naturally and develop their own patina and feel like an old family friend.